The WBRM® Utility has few requirements that need to be met in order to work properly.
Please follow the requirements list below

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System requirements:
150MB of RAM
50MB of Hard Disk space

Licensing requirements:
To obtain a license you must have a PayPal account that is active and verified.
The licensing engine is bound to the PayPal system and we cannot offer any other type licensing.
IP and Ports requirements:


In order to enable and use the WBRM® Utility, a PUBLIC IP is required for authenticating against the licensing server.

The following list of ports are also required to be open and available to communicate with our licensing server:

443 TCP (Inbound and Outbound)
Optional – 123 TCP (Inbound and Outbound – TimeZone port – so your server is time synced with ours)
Activation Requirements:


In order to enable and use the WBRM® Utility, you need to know the username and passwords of all the systems that you want to backup.
For that, you need to obtain the list of the following username and passwords:

  • WebsitePanel – Serveradmin
  • MySQL – root
  • SQL Server – sa
  • HC – hcadmin (if migrating)

The passwords will be encrypted in the WBRM configuration and are never sent out nor are they never requested by WBRM, LLC.
Do not share passwords.

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