The WBRM® utility is a feature rich utility enabling system administrators to perform many of their daily maintenance with effortless actions.



  • Backup All Users
  • Backup Specific Users
  • Backup all Users EXCEPT users
  • Backup a specific resource
  • Backup a full account
  • Backup to location on the server
  • Backup to location on FTP server
  • Backup to Cloud (GoogleDrive, Amazon, Box, DropBox etc)
  • Extensive Backup Scheduler – Windows® Style
  • Extensive Backup Scheduler – Linux Style
  • Scheduled Backup Jobs Manager
  • Backup Queue/Spooler
  • View/Monitor live current scheduled backup/queue/spooler
  • Ability to suspend backup scheduled task
  • Ability to delete backups from the backup queue
  • Ability to advance a backup in the queue
  • View a backup file using BackupExplorer® viewer
  • Receive an email confirmation on ‘only successful backups’
  • Receive an email confirmation on ‘only FAILED backups’
  • Restore FULL backups AFTER a FULL DELETE of an account
  • Restore FULL backups on NEW servers
  • Restore specific resources from a backup
  • Move Users between Resellers
  • Move an Entire HostingSpaces between different users
  • EZ Change Domain’s IP
  • EZ Modify Templates – Change Values quickly
  • Quick Security Policy Changer
  • Rename WSP Users
  • Security Check and Fix for ‘Everyone User” found in accounts
  • Security Check to find and restore ownership of Orphan Directories Quota Updater
  • Simple Non-Intrusive Utility – not modifying any of WSP code
  • Standalone app, can be installed or removed with no impact on WSP installation, websites or databases
  • Installation Wizard for WBRM®
  • WBRM® activity logs
  • Works with WSP 2.x (as well as upgraded versions from DNP, WSP 1.x to 2.x)
  • Ability to change User/Reseller level using the naming of the backup file
  • Ability to change User name using naming of the backup file
  • EZ-Migrate Utility from HostingController™ Control Panel installed Servers to WSP

Detailed Resources Backed up and Restored

  • WSP – Hosting packages, Hosting Spaces, Users/Usernames, Passwords, User’s info, Domains, Websites, Databases (MSSQL and MySQL), Mail (accounts/domains), FTP, DNS etc.
  • IIS setup and definitions – App Pools, Binding, Parent Paths, Write Permissions, .NET Frameworks, custom errors, Virtual Directories etc.
  • MS-FTP – Users, passwords and their paths – notice FTP usernames that contain (.) symbols are converted to (_)
  • MS-SQL Databases – Databases, Users, Passwords, Stored Procedures
  • MySQL Databases – Databases, Users, Passwords
  • SmarterMail – WSP setup – not actual messages, just the mailboxes and their passwords. It will create on SmarterMail server, but OLD msgs are not backed up or restore from WBRM.
  • MS-DNS – Zones and all A/CNAME/MX/NS records
  • Complete homedirs of WSP accounts, domains, websites, and their WWW/wwwroot folder including all folders and files

Work In Progress

  • WSP Enhanced Wizard Installer
  • Installation Wizard for Mail Server, DNS Server, IIS Server, Password Policy, Firewall setup
  • EZ-Migrate Utility from Helm® Contorl Panel installed Servers
  • EZ-Migrate Utility from Plesk® Control Panel installed Servers
  • Common Errors and solutions Database

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