Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

Customers may request a refund within 30 days of delivery of paid-for-licenses, if not satisfied with the WBRM® Utility. To prevent abuse of this refund option, only one refund per customer will be permitted. Hence, licenses ordered after a refund has been provided in the past are not covered by this refund policy.




Refundable: Debbie orders three WBRM® monthly licenses and finds that she doesn’t take advantage of the great features of the WBRM® utility. Fifteen days after the purchase she requests a refund on all three licenses.


Not Refundable: A few days after Debbie got her refund, she purchases one more WBRM® monthly license for a different server. Once again she finds that the WBRM® Utility isn’t for her. She cannot request a refund because she utilized such refund in the past.


Changes in Refund Policy


WBRM may make changes to this Refund Policy, as it may deem fit, in its sole discretion. Any user is responsible to be updated of those changes and bound by any changes to this Refund Policy when she or he acquires a paid-for-license after those changes have been posted


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