The only FULL Backup, Restore & Migrate Utility that is more than just fully compatible with MSPControl, WebsitePanel, and SolidCP panels. WBRM is the only utility that offers ease of moving and changing accounts, from, to and between all servers of WebsitePanel (WSP), MSPControl and SolidCP

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WBRM® Utility - The only utility that is fully Compatible with MSPControl, WebsitePanel & SolidCP for Backup, Restore & Migration (WBRM®) operations


  • WBRM® is a SMART, EASY and SIMPLE utility designed to create and restore backups for the WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP control panels.


  • The WBRM® Utility is INNOVATIVE and provides you with the ultimate backup, restore and migration SOLUTION for WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP web hosting control panels.
    Now you can backup User Accounts, Sites, Databases, Emails, Statistics, DNS zone files, FTP accounts with a single backup file.
    But whats AMAZING about it is the ability to restore onto a new server where the restore process creates the WebsitePanel, MSPControl or SolidCP account with all it's resources in a single click.


  • The WBRM® utility adds more FUNctionality by extending the system administrator's ability to RUN SECURITY CHECKS AND FIX SECURITY ISSUES.


  • While the WBRM® utility is a FANTASTIC tool for the WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP users, it is also a great tool for users of other control panel who are eager to migrate from their current control panels to WebsitePanel, MSPControl or SolidCP.


  • TRY FOR FREE - No more delays, no more excuses. The WBRM® utility is a MUST HAVE for any system administrators.


What can the WBRM® utility do?

The WBRM® utility is a GUI Tool for system administrators that run WebsitePanel, MSPControl or SolidCP on their servers. It's core activity is to run scheduled backups of WebsitePanel, MSPControl or SolidCP Entire accounts or single resources such as WebSpaces, Sites, Databases, Emails, Statistics, DNS zone files, FTP accounts and save the backups to anywhere you want (same HD, different HD, network drive, remote FTP). Of course It also does the restore.
However, THE BIG DEAL is, that the restore can be done on any server with WebsitePanel, MSPControl or SolidCP - with no need for previous account setup.


How is the WBRM® utility Different from the built-in backup in WebsitePanel, MSPControl or SolidCP?

The WBRM® utility is built on top of the WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP backup engine, but unlike the built-in engine, the WBRM® utility extends its capabilities of backup and restore to an external storage resource, and allow to restore to completely new servers.
Furthermore, now you can have a single file for the entire account and all it's resources that can automatically be saved on any external storage resource.


What's unique about the WBRM® utility from the existing WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP backups?

WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP backups can only backup resources in the user's account. If however, you accidently terminated/deleted the account, you no longer have the ability to restore the backup automatically. One would expect that re-creating the account will resolve this issue. However, WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP are designed to recognize that the internal backup is being attempted to be restored to a "different Account" even if it has the same name (some meta definition), and will prevent you from restoring the backup.
This prevents the system admin from moving WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP users from one server to another without doing intensive manual work.
The WBRM® utility takes care of this, and allows the system admin to do a SINGLE MOUSE CLICK to backup and restore full accounts with no manual activity at all.



How does it backup WebsitePanel, MSPControl or SolidCP resources?

The WBRM® utility does a smart utilization of the existing WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP backup API found in the enterprise server of WebsitePanel, MSPControl & SolidCP. However, the calls are managed externally, thus giving the WBRM® utility the ability to monitor progress, decide to what to backup, where to store the backup, and when to backup resulting is a WBRM® backup file.

  • View backup resources

    Backup when and to where you want

    Create a WBRM® backup file of WSP to same HD, different HD, network drive, remote FTP, and coming soon to Amazon S3™, SkyDrive™, Google Drive™ and DropBox™

  • View backup resources

    Restore to anywhere

    The abiltiy to take a WBRM® backup file of WSP and restore it completly and seamlessly on a new server (the wizard will ask for a new IP) or on the same server

  • View backup resources

    View backup resources

    View the resources of a WBRM® backup file of WSP before you begin a restore process using the amazing BackupExplorer® that shows you the internal resources. Not only can you pre-view the resources,. you can also selectively restore only the resources you need

  • View backup resources

    Migrate to a NEW server

    Move away from other control panels that limit you on the number of domains. The amazing WBRM® Migration functionality is tailored to migrate your HostingController™ setups, files, databases, domains etc entirely to WSP world with just few button clicks

Features of the utility (Partial List):

  • Works with DNP, WSP 2.x+, MSPControl, SolidCP, HostingController™ (HC) HC7, HC8 & HC9.
  • Allows for the backup & restore of a complete SINGLE account (all files and services).
  • Allows for the backup & restore of specific elements of a specific account (just a single database, just a single email account, just stats etc).
  • Allows for the backup & restore of All levels (admin, reseller and user), including all the assigned resources per account.
  • Allows for the backup & restore of hosting plans, registered services, admin configuration files.
  • Allows for migration to & from different registered services (change your email server, change your DNS server, change your FTP server).
  • Allows for the migration between servers with different configuration and different registered services.
  • Comprehensive backup scheduling with 'linux style' and 'Windows® style' views, at will/ad-hoc, to different locations (on the server or using FTP).
  • Allows for the backup of UTF-8 and other middle eastern characters in file names.
  • Fix permissions and ownership of files recursively in user accounts to tighten security.

We started out as a web hosting company ourselves, and found out that this is the functionality that is lacking/absent/not complete from most Windows® control panel so we had to come up with a solution that is comparable to what we get in Linux.

We hope you get to enjoy this utility. We always look to improve our product so if you have any suggestions/input (even if you think this is a crappy utility) please send us feedback so we can try to improve it or fix any bugs.

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